First thoughts on RB3

Okay, so I haven’t started my official review of Rock Band 3 yet (I just got the game yesterday), but I played it some last night, and I just have to post a few thoughts that have already come up.

First of all… What is the deal with not being able to form a band online anymore? My cousin and I had a band together on RB2, and now we can’t form a band together. And if we play together online, we don’t even see each other’s stand-in band members. I really do not like this feature at all– the whole point of the game Rock BAND is that you play as a BAND, am I right?

I must say, I do like some of the new outfits that come with RB3. Unfortunately, many (most) of the clothing is the same as RB2, but there are a few extras that aren’t too bad. Instead of being able to purchase clothing, however, you have to play certain challenges or whatever to unlock certain items of clothing. It’s a little strange, but not that bad, I guess.

Of course, the best thing about the game (other than the KEYBOARD parts, of course!!) are some of the songs. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, YES!! Also, Werewolves of London– one of my weirdest favorite songs. Although the keyboard part is amazingly repetitive, it’s so addicting! And Andrew would want me to mention Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4,” one of his new obsessions.

I’m still mad about the new band thing. RB4 better fix this, or I’m totally not buying it. Otherwise, so far, it seems like it’s going to be a great game.