New Droid R2D2

Okay, so for my birthday I got a new Droid R2D2– permanently sealing my fate as a certified geek. Yes, I admit it– I’m a big-time Star Wars fangirl. This is my first Droid– I had a Blackberry Pearl before, so this is a pretty big change. I’ll definitely be blogging about all the stuff I learn along the way… Already downloaded a few (free) apps from the market, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I’ve gotten Handcent SMS (changing the LED to flash a nice customized purple color when I get a text message was pretty awesome) and Rainy Days (I’m still trying out different weather apps to see which is the best for me) and Anycut, even though I haven’t figured out how to use that one yet. Oh yeah, I also downloaded RadarNow (another weather one) but it required me to do some kind of wifi GPS something-or-other to set my location, so I decided to delete that one for now. If anyone knows of some awesome free apps, let me know what they are and what they do!