Cake decorating FTW!

So my brother and my sister-in-law recently shipped me my birthday present from them, which was… drum roll… a cake decorating kit! YES. Lauren’s been making and decorating cakes up in Boston for a while now, and actually has been selling them and making some pretty decent money. Very cool. So now I’ve caught the cake decorating fever!

I’ll definitely have to post pictures of my cake-making endeavors on here. I made a cake last year for my birthday party… The party theme was the video game Portal (the cake is a lie), and so of course, the birthday cake was a replica of the Portal cake. Here’s a picture of that wonderful cake:

the cake is a lie...

So now that I’m armed with a super-duper cake decorating kit, think of all the awesome possibilities. 🙂 I’m thinking some awesome video-game-themed cakes in the near future… yeeees.

(P.S. If you want a recipe for this cake, hit me up in the comments section. My mom and I basically invented our own recipe based on my personal taste in cakes and the pictures of the cake in the game. It tastes REALLY GOOD.)