O hai.

This blog is going to basically be randomblings (random ramblings) by me. I will be posting about a plethora of topics including video games, cats, job-searching, ADHD, candy, the color purple (the actual color, not the movie), jewelry-making, life-experiencing, grammar, television, movies, dieting and exercise, music, being in a band, rockin’ out, pwning n00bs at Call of Duty, Words of the Week (this week’s word: plethora), organic food and snacks, writing, living on a budget, psychology, English, game reviews, and more.

I am:

– Sarah (nice to meet you)

– an avid video gamer

– diagnosed with ADHD (sorry in advance for any unfinished sentences in

– in a Christian rock band

– a lover of words and grammar

– a graduate student in clinical psychology

I have:

– a B.A. in Psychology & English

– an Xbox 360, a Wii, a Playstation 1, and an original NES

– a cat

I do not have:

– grace or balance

– a job

– a clear idea of a direction for my life (yet)

So this is what I’m going to blog about: finding my niche, finding my purpose in life, etc. And along the way, all the strange, awkward, really-out-there, funny, sad, face-palming, knee-slapping, groan-producing, giggle-spawning situations in which I frequently seem to find myself. Oh, and maybe some video game reviews. ‘Cause I feel like it.